STAGEFIGHT   are   specialists   in   the   field   of   fight   arranging   and   action   choreography.   With   over   15-years   of experience   STAGEFIGHT   has   choreographed   fight   and   action   sequences   all   over   the   UK   for   both   stage   and screen   productions.      From   the   gritty   realism   of   historical   combat   to   the   fantasy   fights   of   Hollywood   movies, we   work   closely   with   creative   teams,   directors   and   performers   to   create   dramatic   action   sequences   that can be tailored to the needs of any production.
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STAGEFIGHT can provide:
Fight and action choreography Qualified and experienced fight teams Weapon training and choreography Firearms training and choreography Weapons and weapon props manufacture
Theatrical fight choreography Film and television fights Pre-viz screen fights and tests Independent productions Pilot episodes and web-series Amateur and semi-professional productions School and college productions Youth theatres
STAGEFIGHT can provide training and choreography services for:
Zara Phythian Actor / Stunt Performer Doctor Strange (2016) Cannibals and Carpet Fitters (2017) The Dark Kingdom (2018) Transit 17 (2019)
As   an   actress   and   stunt   performer   I   highly   recommend   Raph   Aldis and   his   STAGEFIGHT   team.      I’ve   had   the   pleasure   of   working   with him   and   STAGEFIGHT   and   have   found   them   very   professional   and knowledgeable and make a great asset to any production.
STAGEFIGHT and ECSPC instructors and students have worked on various productions including
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