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SHOTGUN MOUTHWASH Music Video by High Contrast High Contrast’s “Shotgun Mouthwash” is one of the principle tracks included in Danny Boyle’s film T2 Trainspotting released in 2017. STAGEFIGHT were asked to choreograph the scenes of violence for the video. Not for the feint hearted! Production: Park Village Director: Favourite Colour Black
KNIGHTS OF THE DAMNED Faeture Film “Knights of the Damned” is a feature film released in 2017. This is a short behind the scenes film showing some of the action sequences. STAGEFIGHT’s Raph Aldis was Swordsmaster and choreographer on this production. Producer: Ben Loyd Holmes Director: Simon Wells
MULO A modern ghost story “Mulo” is a modern ghost story set in a hidden Roma shanty camp off London’s North Circular motorway. The film is a work of passion and vision by director Linda Cairns and cinematographer Nick Cooke. STAGEFIGHT’s Raph Aldis choreographed the fight scenes. Director: Linda Cairns
PREDATOR DARK AGES Predator Fan Film “Predator Dark Ages” is a short fan film and winner of the Best Fan Film at the Tri-Cities International Film Festival. Set during the Crusades, the faith and fighting skills of Templar Knights ares put to the test when they encounter the Predator. STAGEFIGHT’s Raph Aldis was swordsmaster and fight choreographer. Written & Directed by: James Bushe
HUNTED Short Film “Hunted” is a short teaser film that follows the adventures of a medieval Knight as he is hunted through a forest. He must fight for his life if he is to make his escape. Production: Joint Ventures Produced by: Raph Aldis
HOMELESS ASHES Feature Film Frankie, a young boy who stands up to his fear and runs from home, ends up homeless with no choice but to survive life on the streets. STAGEFIGHT’s Raph Aldis was fight choreographer on this feature film which is due for release 2019. Director: Marc Zammit
THE DARK KINGDOM Feature Film The Dark Kingdom is a fantasy feature that follows on from Knights of the Damned. Raph Aldis and the STAGEFIGHT team led the fight choreography and action sequences. Due to be released in 2018. Producer: Ben Loyd Holmes Director: Simon Wells
SHADOWS FROM THE CAVE Short Film Panic sets in when a Neanderthal wakes one morning to find her child is missing. Shaken to the core, she becomes lost in the forest and must learn to survive alone. Producer: Tristan Cresswell Director: Natalie Lloyd
THE 7TH DAY Web-Series A multi-award winning comedy-drama that follows the adventures of a small group of survivors struggling in a zombie infested West Midlands. Raph Aldis choreographed the fight sequecnes for serie-2 Director: Lee Page Written by: Lee Page & Jayde Cook
THEIR WAR Short Film Their War is a short films that follows the fortunes of a British and German soldier in the Trenches on World War One. The action and fight sequences were choreographed by Raph Aldis. Director: Max Mason Written by: Max Mason
GRACEMARCH Feature - In Production Following the death of their mother, sisters Cassie and Jane are left with the task of clearing her belongings, whilst mysterious agent Leo McTavish investigates their background. What is the Gracemarch mystery? Director: Ross O’Hennersey Produced by: Artisan Films
WOLF OF THE WOOD Feature - In Production Thriller set in the not too distance future in a world that is scarily close to our own. Director: Charlie Rowlands Written by: Miriam Sarin
HOOD: A LEGEND REBORN Feature - In Production The year is 1180, Richard the Lionheart has distributed power to the lords of his land in his absence. The Sheriff of each town has been authorised to enforce law and order. This is a new retelling of the legendary hero Robin Hood. Director: Adam Collins Written by: Adam Collins