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Adam Collins Actor, Director, Stunt Performer British Stunt Register
I cannot praise Raph Aldis and his fight team highly enough for all their hard work and outstanding performances on the set of Hood: A Legend Reborn. I have never worked with such efficient, safe and well trained special action fighters before in my career. With an unwavering respect for awareness for the stunt performers around them, they were able to add amazing energy into the surround areas of the action safely and effectively. Each background fight was so well choreographed it could easily become a main hero fight. Anyone who is looking at getting training for sword fighting/medieval combat for film, should not waste their money on any other training courses. Look no further than training with Raph Aldis and STAGEFIGHT.
Adrian Bouchet Actor The Last Kingdom Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Predator Dark Ages AVP: Alien vs Predator
I initially trained under another organisations qualifications system to advanced level and in later years with Raph Aldis and STAGEFIGHT to the same standard. I have now worked with many fight directors and stunt coordinators using different systems and can happily say that the techniques taught by Raph have stood me in the best possible position to allow me to go out onto any stage or film/TV set with the utmost confidence and know that there is nothing I will not be able to handle. Raph teaches a complete system of fighting (rather than simply a collection of learned moves) based on the manuscripts and treaties of the original historical European fencing masters. His stage combat techniques are perfectly adapted for work on film and he knows the requirements to “sell” any sequence in either medium. There are many stage fight teacher out there. Do yourself a favour and learn from the best.
Night Project Theatre has benefit from STAGEFIGHT’s total understanding of physical stage craft for several years and has enjoyed the chance to work with its team of dedicated and knowledgeable instructors on productions of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd ’ and Wildhorns’s ‘ Dracula ’. Carefully considered choreography and an eye for both the detail of the piece and the capabilities of our actors has allowed our productions to confidently approach physical theatre and the subtleties of stage combat in a professional manner which only ever enhances the overall impression of our audiences. We look forward to working with STAGEFIGHT in many more productions in the future. Ian Page Night Project Theatre
Ross O’Hennessy with the hero axe, made and presented to him by Raph Aldis, and Ross as Lord of Bones in Game of Thrones.
Ross O’Hennessy Actor / Director Game of Thrones The Bastard Executioner Da Vinci’s Demons
I would highly recommend the services of Raph Aldis and his skills. He and his STAGEFIGHT team have always produced the highest quality of work and I personally cannot praise Raph Aldis enough.
Zara Phythian Actor / Stunt Performer Doctor Strange (2016) Cannibals and Carpet Fitters (2017) The Dark Kingdom (2018) Transit 17 (2019)
As an actress and stunt performer I highly recommend Raph Aldis and his STAGEFIGHT team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and STAGEFIGHT and have found them very professional and knowledgeable and make a great asset to any production.