The   safe   and   effective   handling   of   firearms   is   now   considered   an   essential   skill   for   any   actor   combat   combatant or   stunt   professional.      With   the   introduction   of   the   Firearms   (Amendment)   Act   1997,   it   has   been   difficult   for performers   to   gain   access   to   the   training   which   would   allow   them   to   portray   the   handling   of   a   firearm   accurately for the stage and screen.
This course covers: UK Firearms Law. Firearms used on stage and screen. Revision of basic operation and handling. Grips, stances and firing positions. Close quarter combat techniques (Gun-Fu). Taking hits and falls. Please note: This course is not a basic handling course, all attendees must have an understanding of basic handling to attend this course.  Previous experience of stage or screen combat would also be advantageous.  The minimum age to attend this course is 18+ years.
Filmic Firearms Course: Have you ever fired two pistols while diving through the air, rolled across the floor with gun blazing, made tactical disarms while point-blank shooting or taken out multiple opponents with gun-fu?  All these techniques would never be taught on a firing range, but are regularly used in modern films such as the ‘John Wick’ film series. Our Filmic Firearms Course has been designed to teach fantasy style firearms combat techniques in a safe and controlled environment using a range of theatrical prop and gas-powered firearms.
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To improve the safe practice and handling of firearms on stage, television and film, STAGEFIGHT have decided to work alongside FIREARMS TRAINING FOR FILM & TV.
Ben began training in firearms as a teenage shooter winning various competitive titles during the mid-90’s.  After training and serving with the British Army, Ben found himself in the United States working in private security and the firearms training industry.  For the last decade he has been involved in Maritime Security, leading and training armed teams to protect vessels from Somali Pirates in the Indian Ocean.  He also works Internationally as a close protection specialist. Firearms Training for Film and TV offer a range of specialist firearms courses that have been specifically designed to teach actors and trainee stunt professionals the skills and techniques required to safely and effectively handle firearms in dramatic settings.  These course provide safe industry respected and recognised qualifications and are high;y recommended.  Please follow the link below to head over to their website to see what his company can offer.  All current STAGEFIGHT students or those who hold ECSPC Stage Combat or Screen Combat Qualifications receive a discount on their Handgun and Tactical Rifle Training for Film & TV course.
Benjamin Leonides-Morgan Owner and Instructor Firearms Training For Film & TV