Our   unique   approach   to   teaching   stage   combat   has   allowed   STAGEFIGHT   and   its   ECSPC   system   to   become recognised as the most practical and historically accurate stage combat qualification currently available. All   our   courses   meet   and   exceed   the   levels   of   safety   and   standards   of   tuition   of   any   other   stage   combat system and has become an industry respected and accepted qualification. Training   with   STAGEFIGHT   and   the   ECSPC   system   focuses   on   technical   elements   that   make   choreographed fight   routines   much   safer   and   more   dynamic.      Our   proven   techniques   provide   a   highly   adaptable   system that have helped to place many of our students into action roles for both the stage and screen.
Level-1-Basic is our foundation course that focuses on the basic mechanics and techniques of the ECSPC’s approach to stage combat.  Three combat disciplines are covered;  UNARMED COMBAT, DAGGER and a  SWORD based discipline.  These are the three most commonly used systems used for stage productions.  The course improves balance and coordination, and teaches basic choreography by learning how to safely link actions, act the fight, stagecraft and maintaining safety during training and performance.
Level-2-Intermediate builds on the previous levels training by introducing students to weapon disciplines that require heightened coordination.  Students will be taught how to safely handle one of the largest weapons used on stage to one of the most complex.  The syllabus includes; QUARTERSTAFF, LONGSWORD and  RAPIER & DAGGER
Level-3-Advanced is our most challenging stage courses.  Other performance combat systems just add additional weapon weapons at each level (some that are rarely even used on stage).  The ECSPC only introduces two more systems, but revisits previous weapon systems from the view of combating multiple opponents.  The ECSPC is the ONLY  stage combat training system that offers multiple opponent training at an advanced level.  The syllabus includes; SMALLSWORD, SWORD & SHIELD and MULTIPLE OPPONENT FIGHTS
Night    Project    Theatre    has    benefit    from    STAGEFIGHT’s    total understanding   of   physical   stage   craft   for   several   years   and   has enjoyed    the    chance    to    work    with    its    team    of    dedicated    and knowledgeable     instructors     on     productions     of     Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd ’ and Wildhorns’s ‘ Dracula ’. Carefully    considered    choreography    and    an    eye    for    both    the detail   of   the   piece   and   the   capabilities   of   our   actors   has   allowed our   productions   to   confidently   approach   physical   theatre   and the   subtleties   of   stage   combat   in   a   professional   manner   which only ever enhances the overall impression of our audiences. We   look   forward   to   working   with   STAGEFIGHT   in   many   more productions in the future. Ian Page Night Project Theatre
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