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STAGEFIGHT’s terms and conditions - this document is updated periodically.  It is your responsibility to check and read the latest version. 1 . Bookings: Booking   with   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   does   not   constitute   the   creation   of   a   contract.      STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the right   to   decline   to   process   a   booking   for   any   reason   whatsoever.      If   a   booking   cannot   be   fulfilled   for   any   reason, STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   promptly   refund   all   monies.      The   making   of   a   booking   constitutes   your   acceptance   of STAGEFIGHT   Limited’s   Terms   and   Conditions   of   trading.      For   the   protection   of   our   customers,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited, reserves the right to undertake additional security checks, and if necessary, delay any booking. 2. VAT: All course prices quoted on the day of purchase are inclusive of VAT. 3. Booking: A booking for a course will not be complete until full payment has been taken. 4 . Instalments: STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   on   occasion   offer   payment   instalment   plans   on   certain   courses   to   make   full   course   fee’s easier   to   pay   over   an   agreed   period   of   time.      All   instalment   plans   will   incur   an   additional   one-off   fee   of   £15.00.      This extra £15.00 covers the administration charge for arranging and processing instalment plans. Deposits and First Payments : All   deposits   and   first   payments   are   NON-REFUNDABLE   DEPOSITS   to   hold   a   place   on   a   course   and   are   due immediately upon booking.  Should you cancel for ANY reason, this initial deposit will be retained. Second, Further and Final Payments : Once   the   initial   deposit   has   been   paid,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   send   an   email   with   the   dates   of   when   all future   instalments   are   due.      On   each   of   these   dates   a   new   invoice   will   be   sent   via   email,   which   will   need   to   be paid within 48-hours. Late Payments : STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   allow   three   working   days   grace   for   late   instalment   payments.      During   this   time   you will   receive   several   payment   reminders   via   email.      Should   we   not   receive   any   communication   from   you   in   this time,   we   will   attempt   to   call   direct.      Should   we   not   receive   payment,   we   reserve   the   right   to   cancel   your booking   and   retain   all   monies   paid.      Please   ensure   that   you   make   all   payments   properly.      If   you   are   away   or have any problems meeting the agreed payment dates contact us as soon as possible to discuss the issue. STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the   right   to   refuse   instalment   payments   on   future   bookings   if   there   has   been   a repeated need to chase payments over an agreed payment period. 5 . Cancellations: If   full   payment   for   a   course   has   been   made   and   you   wish   to   cancel   any   time   up   to   10   working   days   prior   to   the   start date   -   you   will   be   offered   the   option   to   roll   your   payment   over   to   the   next   available   course   date   or   you   may   apply   for a refund minus a £25 administration fee. Bookings   may   only   be   rolled   over   once.      In   the   event   of   a   price   increase   in   the   cost   of   the   course   you   will   be   required to pay the increase 7 working days before the start of the course. Should    booking    be    cancelled    within    10    working    days     of    the    course    start    date    you    will    be    subject    to    a    100% cancellation   fee.      On   occasions   it   may   be   possible   for   us   to   fill   your   space   -   if   this   is   possible,   we   may   offer   you   a refund minus a £25.00 administration fee, however, this is not guaranteed. Should   cancellation   occur   due   to   illness   or   injury   within   10   working   days   of   the   course   start   date,   you   may   be subject   to   a   100%   cancellation   charge.      If   you   cancel   outside   of   the   10   working   day   period   due   to   illness   or   injury,   or are   unable   to   attend   part   of   an   attended   course   due   to   an   injury   or   illness,   a   copy   of   a   valid,   dated   doctor’s certificate   is   required   (to   be   provided   within   14   working   days   from   the   first   day   of   the   course)   in   order   to   gain   a refund minus a £25.00 administration fee. ALL DEPOSITS OR FIRST INSTALMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should   we   not   receive   a   doctors   certificate   within   the   stated   time   period,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the   right   to retain all monies paid. STAGEFIGHT   Limited   cannot   be   held   liable   for   any   travel/accommodation   expenses   incurred   in   this   instance.      A refund   can   only   be   paid   to   the   purchaser   and   if   payment   was   originally   made   by   credit/debit   card   the   refund   will   be made to the same card. 6 . Cancellation of instalment payments: Any   cancellation   of   spaces   on   a   course   before   the   10-working   days   from   the   start   date,   the   first   payment   is   non- refundable   for   all   circumstances.      We   will   refund   any   further   payments   as   soon   as   possible.      (Please   allow   7   working days for refunds to be processed). Should   cancellation   occur   within   10-working   days   of   the   course   start   date,   you   will   be   subject   to   100%   cancellation charge   of   the   full   amount.      Under   certain   circumstances,   depending   on   the   reason   for   cancellation,   the   cancellation charge may be lowered to 50%.  This is at STAGEFIGHT Limited’s discretion. 7 . Consumers’ Statutory Right to Cancel: Should   you   book   a   training   course   that   is   wholly   or   mainly   outside   your   trade,   business,   craft   or   profession,   you   are entitled   to   a   14-day   “cooling   off”   period   beginning   on   the   day   after   the   making   the   booking   with   STAGEFIGHT   Limited.     During the 14-day “cooling period” you have the right to cancel the booking without any reason and at no cost. In   order   to   exercise   your   right   to   cancel,   you   must   inform   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   of   your   decision   to   do   so.      Should   you exercise   this   right   to   cancel,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   refund   any   and   all   payments   that   have   been   made   to   it pursuant   to   the   cancelled   contract   by   the   end   of   14-days   after   the   day   on   which   it   is   informed   of   your   decision   to exercise your right to cancel the contract. When   booking   a   course   with   a   start   date   within   the   statutory   “cooling   off”   period,   that   period   shall   expire   either   at the end of the 14-days “cooling off” period at at the end of the training course, whichever occurs first. Should   you   exercise   your   right   to   cancel   the   contract   during   the   course,   you   will   be   liable   to   a   full   cancellation   charge of 100%. Should   you   be   entitled   to   a   14-day   “cooling   off”   period,   during   that   14-day   “cooling   off”   period   the   provisions   within (4)   Cancellations   detailed   above   in   our   Terms   and   Conditions,   do   not   apply.      The   provisions   contained   within   (4) Cancellations of our Terms and Conditions of trading apply as normal after the expiry of the “cooling off” period. 8 . Rolling payments over to later training courses: Should   you   cancel   a   training   course   outside   of   the   10-working   days   cancellation   period,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will offer   you   the   chance   to   roll   the   booking   over   to   the   same   or   similar   course   running   at   a   later   date   and   will   keep   the original payment.  STAGEFIGHT will only offer the chance to roll a booking over once. 9 . Refunds: Should   you   cancel   a   training   course   within   the   agreed   cancellation   time   and   do   not   wish   to   roll   a   booking   over, STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   refund   the   course   minus   a   £25   administration   fee.      A   refund   can   only   be   made   to   the purchaser   and   if   payment   was   originally   made   by   credit/debit   card   the   refund   will   be   made   to   the   same   card.      If payment was made by BACS the refund will be paid back in the same manner to the purchasers account details. 1 0 . Booking multiple courses: Should   you   wish   to   book   a   range   of   courses   in   advance,   there   is   an   18-month   time   period   from   the   date   of   purchase to attend all courses before being liable to pay for any course increases that should occur during the period. 1 1 . No Show: Any   participant   who   does   not   show   up   for   the   training   course   on   the   morning   of   the   event   will   be   subject   to   a   100% cancellation   fee   of   the   cost.      STAGEFIGHT   Limited   accepts   a   degree   of   extenuating   circumstances,   in   these   instances   it is at STAGEFIGHT Limited discretion to roll the booking over to a later date or provide a refund. 1 2 . Non-completion of a training course: Should   you   not   complete   a   training   course   in   it’s   entirety   for   reasons   not   limited   to   injury/illness/expectation/personal dislike of the course you will not be entitled to a refund of the full amount or any partial amount. 1 3 . Training course physical requirements: All   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   courses   require   a   reasonable   level   of   fitness   and   mobility   and   are   therefore   subject   to restrictions.      These   include   (but   are   not   restricted   to)   age   (minimum   age   is   18+   years)   and   physical   and   medical restrictions. It   is   important   to   be   in   good   physical   shape   with   no   injuries   or   illnesses   which   may   hinder   learning.      If   our   course instructors   become   aware   of   any   injury   or   illness   not   previously   disclosed   on   the   booking/registration   form   and   are noticeably   affecting   performance,   they   will   be   at   liberty   to   assess   your   physical   condition   and   decide   whether   you should continue with all/part of the course. 1 4 . Data Protection: STAGEFIGHT   Limited   maintains   strict   security   measures   in   order   to   protect   any   personal   information.      We   do   not   sell or   disclose   your   personal   information   to   other   companies   without   your   prior   consent.      We   do   not   sell   mailing   lists   to third parties. 1 5 . Training Course Descriptions: Details   of   training   courses,   formats   and   timings   given   on   our   website   and   in   any   other   literature   or   media   are intended   only   to   present   a   general   idea   of   the   training   course,   and   shall   not   be   considered   binding.      In   particular, photographs   are   for   illustrative   purposes   only   and   do   not   form   any   part   contract   between   you   and   STAGEFIGHT Limited. STAGEFIGHT   Limited   offers   a   number   of   training   courses,   details   such   as   session   length,   itineraries,   equipment   used and numbers of participants may vary. 1 6 . Third Party Sales: Any   person   who   has   not   placed   a   booking   directly   with   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   has   no   right   under   the   Contracts   (Rights of   third   Parties)   Act   1999   to   enforce   any   terms   and   conditions   of   booking.      A   training   course   which   has   been   resold   by any   method   (through   internet   auction   sites   etc.)   without   STAGEFIGHT   Limited’s   prior   consent   will   be   invalid   and STAGEFIGHT Limited will not be under any obligation to provide a service. 1 7 . Course Programmes: STAGEFIGHT    Limited    reserves    the    right    to    alter    or    change    the    programme    of    a    Training    Course    without    prior notification and without refund of monies or exchange of Training Course. 1 8 . Copyright: All   course   content   is   fully   copyrighted   to   STAGEFIGHT   Limited.      All   course   names   and   branding   is   copyrighted   to STAGEFIGHT   Limited.      On   undertaking   a   course   with   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   you   agree   not   to   copy/replicate   any   part   of the    course    including    but    not    limited    to;    course    content    from    presentations,    course    design/structure,    instructor demonstration videos, course names, branding etc.  for commercial purposes. STAGEFIGHT   Limited   takes   protection   of   training   content   and   branding   seriously   and   should   a   breach   of   copyright   be noticed,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the   right   to   seek   legal   action   against   the   individual/company.      If   the   individual is   a   current   student,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the   right   to   remove   them   from   any   training   course   with   immediate effect. 1 9 . Prices and Locations: All   course   prices   and   locations   are   correct   at   the   time   of   publication   but   may   change   or   be   withdrawn   for   reasons beyond   our   control.      Any   change   of   location   for   reasons   beyond   STAGEFIGHT   Limited’s   control   will   be   communicated to   participants   as   soon   as   possible   and   will   not   be   subject   to   any   refund,   unless   the   event   cannot   go   ahead   and   in most occasions, a roll over option will be given. If   these   situations   should   occur,   all   reasonable   efforts   will   be   made   to   re-schedule   the   course   at   the   convenience   of everyone   involved.      Please   note   that   courses   and   our   services   are   subject   to   change   without   notice.      This   does   not affect your statutory rights. 2 0 . Force Majeure: If   a   course   is   cancelled   by   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   either   before   or   on   the   start   date   due   to   circumstances   beyond   all reasonable   control,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   will   arrange   to   re-book   the   participant   at   a   mutually   agreed   time   and   date   at no extra cost. 2 1 . Course Cancellation by STAGEFIGHT Limited: By   booking   with   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   you   acknowledge   that   our   training   courses   are   dependent   on   certain   factors beyond   the   control   of   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   and   agree   that   we   are   not   liable   for   the   cancellation,   postponement   or alternation   of   any   training   course   for   reasons   beyond   our   reasonable   control   (including   but   not   limited   to)   weather- related   reasons,   unauthorised   access,   theft,   severe   weather,   earthquakes   or   natural   disasters,   strikes,   or   other   labour problems,   wars   or   governmental   restrictions,   terrorist   actions,   mechanical   failure,   location   change   or   otherwise.     STAGEFIGHT   Limited   cannot   be   held   liable   for   any   costs   including   (but   not   limited   to)   travel   or   accommodation expenses in this instance. 2 2 . Liability: All   STAGEFIGHT   Limited’s   training   courses   involve   high-risk   activities   and   will   require   the   signing   of   a   Liability   &   Waiver Agreement on arrival to the Training Course. If   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   instructors   deem   any   participant   unsuitable   for   the   training   course   for   reasons   including,   but not    limited    to,    physical    injury    not    mentioned    prior    to    booking,    being    under    the    influence    of    alcohol/drugs    and repeated   disregard   to   safety   instructions,   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   reserves   the   right   to   refuse   admittance   or   to   remove the participant from the training course. Refunds   in   this   instance   are   discretionary   and   STAGEFIGHT   Limited   cannot   be   held   liable   for   any   costs   including   (but not limited to) travel and accommodation expenses incurred in this instance. 2 3 . Admittance: We cannot allow any spectators in the training area. 2 4 . Availability: All    training    courses    are    subject    to    availability    and,    in    some    cases    may    be    subject    to    weather    conditions.        We recommend    all    customers    book    will    in    advance    to    avoid    disappointment.        We    strongly    advise    that    travel, accommodation   or   other   arrangements   are   only   made   when   you’ve   received   confirmation   of   your   booking   and   course date.  
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